Shimano America is a name is ubiquitous with cycling. The company, whose foray into American cycling began in 1961 has become a leader in the industry, creating components and soft-goods that are demanded by the best athletes in the world. I have been partnered with Shimano since 2013, and excited to continue working together on events and products in North America and abroad.




Focus started in Germany, but with the vision of the former racer turned owner, quickly became a global company.  Motivated by a love of the sport, everyone involved is inspired by the pursuit of the finest in cycling technology. Passion, Performance and Perfection is at the core of everything they do.

We all are familiar to the story; 'Clif' having had the inspiration for a revolutionary new bar during a 175 mile ride. I am proud to carry on the torch, taking Clif nutrition to new challenges, and partnering with a company who truly cares about the communities they are a part of.

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